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DefCon Party

July 26, 2011

Johnny’s Happy Hour. Friday the 5th at 5:00pm. (Let’s be honest, you’re done with talks by then.) Congregate at my table in the contest area. If you don’t know where that is, hit me on twitter. Free tees if you mention that you know / follow me, while supplies last. BYOB unless you want a shot of shitty vodka.

Be there or be cool.



July 12, 2011

So a tweet yesterday by @diami03 about non-career-advancing moves got me thinking. Now that many of you know my real identity, and that Johnny is 90% fictional, is it detrimental to me to continue pretending to be him? It’s no secret – I just did a talk on him. Even the FBI knows I pretended to be Johnny.

But if I continue with the off color tweets, the drug references, the jokes about mental health, the bravado – how will that reflect on the real me? It may not be obvious that Johnny is fake unless you’ve followed him; I think we’ve proven that many people will take him at face value – or close to it.

Hypothetically, if Johnny’s alter ego (the “real me”) were going to start looking for a new job, something doing cutting edge tech with a fair amount of responsibility, potentially anywhere in the U.S. or the world, how much of a liability is Johnny? Would he prevent me from getting a clearance (if he does, that’s lame, and I figure it’s the govt’s loss.) Lose me an offer? Or worst, decrease the salary I can justify? 🙂

So, your opinion: If you interviewed the real me and found I had outstanding technical, business and communication skills, which I like to think I do, but then found Johnny stuff online, would you hire me? Or am I gonna have to go work for Ligatt if I get bored of my real job?