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Fashion Week

September 9, 2010

An Open Letter to Julia Allison:

Dear Julia Allison,
I NEED NEED NEED to go to one or more Fashion Week shows. Why? Because I am the one computer geek – in the whole world – who actually cares about the fashion world, wears designer labels, and knows what couture really means. By attending Fashion World, I would be standing up for poorly dressed nerds everywhere and defying stereotypes. I could also help the models work their Blackberries. I’d love to see Rodarte, and of course for men, Armani… although I normally wear boutique designers from California.

Even the women’s fashions are useful to me. As you may know, if you follow me on twitter @johnnycocaine, and I’m sure you do, my “job” is to sneak in to… places… and take over their computer systems. Sometimes this involves dressing as a woman, so knowledge of women’s fashion helps. Fortunately, this job pays very, very well so I can afford designer clothes, too. As long as no one asks where the money came from.

Finally, you are my hero for how you became an Internet celeb and master of self branding. I’d actually rather meet you than any of the designers or models.

Johnny Cocaine