The social engineering dust up

And while we’re on the subject of corporate rights being somehow more important than individual, I have thoughts on the social engineering contest and the minor furor it created. So companies and even the FBI, were worried that people at DefCon were trying to social engineer them? I mean, first of all, maybe you should be worried about the real bad guys who are trying to do it, not people at a con who are acting under certain rules.

Second, HELLO? How many times has some telemarketer called you and tried to trick you in to divulging information and even buying crap, often under false pretenses? Not just telemarketers: sales people, snail mail, web sites, service personnel, customer support – most companies are less than honest when they’re trying to make sales. Indeed, many of them have lying as their primary business model. They depend on riding just on the legal side of fraud to get you to buy something and depend on their byzantine phone trees and laborious return procedures to get you to keep it. Who cares if you swear to never buy from them again, as long as they meet their numbers for this quarter? By the time your contract expires or your gadget needs replaced, the officers will have moved on to a new company anyway.

So I don’t feel too bad when people try to trick them back.

Yes, I’m grouchy. I need a smoke.


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