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This week’s Gothic Babe Of The Week

July 22, 2010


My DefCon packing list

July 21, 2010

OK, this is pretty much my packing list for any trip, but with shorts instead of long pants. 🙂

  • A heavily hardened laptop (the software on the laptop is a whole other post)
  • Smartphone (ditto)
  • Sports watch with timer / multi alarm / chronograph (redundancy)
  • Cargo shorts, t-shirts, and a set of nice clothes for social engineering
  • Comfortable shoes, dress shoes and lots of socks
  • Hat and jacket (Caesar’s conference rooms are always FREEZING)
  • Several pair of shades
  • Light gloves (so I don’t leave fingerprints, duh!)
  • Bandana and, of course, towel
  • Microtech knife
  • Multi tool
  • Crimper
  • Cat 5, data tap
  • Wireless cards
  • Misc. power cords, USB cords, adapters, A/V cords
  • Flashlight
  • Digicam with video and zoom lens
  • Disposable digicam
  • Prepaid cell
  • Magnets and small wires
  • Lockpicks
  • Surveillance camera detector
  • Night vision device
  • Plastic handcuffs, carabiners, bungee cords, rope, twine, duck tape
  • Flask of that day’s fave liquor, plus smokes and Zippo
  • Toiletries and makeup
  • “Big wad o’ money, nothin’ less than a twenty.”
  • Radio scanner
  • Several passports 😉
  • Spare batteries!
  • Porn mags (to distract / bribe guards. really.)

Give me your hot, your sexy, your DC vouchers….

July 20, 2010

If an outsider had to describe DefCon in one word, it would be: sausagefest. I have a theory that many more women – specifically, hot altpunk chicks who are looking for a geeky sugardaddy – would attend if it weren’t for that $140 fee. Therefore, I suggest that any Black Hat attendees who are not going to DefCon contribute their $100 DC vouchers to yours truly and I will see that they go to those who need them most – the hotties.

Because unlike Network World, DefCon *is* an appropriate venue for off-color entertainment and rampant displays of flesh, right? C’mon, everyone wins! DM me on twitter @johnnycocaine or email me at to join the fun!