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Where TF is Johnny Cocaine?

June 29, 2010

I thought it would be fun to run a little unofficial contest during DefCon (/Black Hat / BSides).  The object is simply to find yours truly, in person, based on hints I give out in real time.  I don’t know what these will be yet, but they will be geeky.  E.g.,

  • Scan the DefCon WiFi net and look for HTTP banners with hints in them.
  • Look for clues in Bluetooth or WiFi devices in your area.
  • Look for memory cards, CDs, or (just to fuck with you) floppies.
  • Written notes or photos
  • Clues on Twitter, of course… hopefully they’ll have the screen with the twitter page again.
  • The DefCon forums
  • And expect to use your knowledge of math, geometry, sci-fi, cult movies, drug lore, and alt porn.

Catch me if you can!