What Ever Happened To Fist Fights?

I like to fight.  What I mean is, I love the visceral thrill of punching and being punched, of grappling on the ground, of mano a mano combat.  And I’m pretty good at it, between some, ahem, unspecified special forces training and many years of combat-oriented martial arts.  But it genuinely disappoints me that good ole fist fights just don’t happen any more.  Nowadays, if two people get in to an argument at a bar, it’s likely to go to knives, guns or a riot.  What happened to one-on-one, settle-your-differences fights out back?  After it’s over, you clean up, maybe even pat the other guy on the back, and go your separate ways.

OK, those days were pretty much over by the time I was in high school, even then a lot of people were carrying, but I had a few good hand-to-hand fights.  Used to be, you could get in to it with someone and figure that either you’d kick their ass or they’d kick yours, and if it was the latter, you put on a BandAid and chalked it up to experience.  Now, they are likely to turn it in to a kill-or-be-killed situation.  And I’m really good at killing and really averse to being killed, but if someone has a blade or a piece, there’s no telling what will happen.  That’s why I prefer insulting people anonymously online now.  🙂


2 Responses to “What Ever Happened To Fist Fights?”

  1. hellnbak Says:


  2. itza11hyp3 Says:

    Heheh. Confrontations like that tend to be with people much bigger than me; and I wouldn’t consider fighting unless my life were actually threatened.. therefore the multiple pistols in various calibers.

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