Misogyny online

I just read the following post.  (Warning: it talks about violence toward women.) (Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait.)


and holy FUCK am I pissed off.  How can someone, anyone, be so misogynistic… so vile… so repugnant?  Especially in the geek / OSS community where we’re supposed to be somewhat more intelligent and understanding than average (/b/ not withstanding.)

Ok, Johnny, take a hit of kind bud… calm down.   I’M  STILL REALLY PISSED!!  OK, maybe a cig will help… BRB…

OK, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever used all caps.  Now, I know that women, online or off, have to put up with a lot of bullshit.  I know that people are often assholes when they’re hiding behind their computer.  Hell, I can be as abrasive as anyone.  And I doubt anyone will hold me up as a paragon of feminism, with my constant references to porn stars and what not.  Sexism is a gray area; even self-described feminists differ on what constitutes it.

But threatening to kill women in general, sending threats to specific individuals, encouraging others to kill them, extolling the virtues of raping tweens….  That. Is. Not. Cool.  That is, in fact, the behavior of a sociopath.  In fact, it’s hard to believe this guy is not in jail yet.  What bugs me the most is that this is not happening in some right-wing nutjob forum, or /b/, or Yahoo! discussions, where one expects to find the lowest common denominator spouting crap, but in technical and professional forums.  Sure, these forums often serve as social venues, flames wars can get pretty vitriolic, and geeks are known for having strong opinions on just about every subject.  But this… this is not okay.  (OK, that’s not what bothers me most; what bothers me most is Fucking Death Threats!  Against members of our community!)

So here’s my suggestion: every time this motherfucker shows up, someone tweet it and everyone retweet it.  Then every person out there with a thread of moral fiber, get on whatever forum and tear this guy a new one.  Let him know that he is not part of our community, he is not welcome, no one agrees with him.  In this case, ignoring the troll obviously isn’t going to make him go away.  “If the answer isn’t violence, neither is it silence!”  Record his IP.  If he uses Tor, temporarily block Tor from your site – I bet he won’t be able to resists coming back.  Infect his browser.  Gather information on him.  Scan his machine.  Find out who he is.  Pass information to LEOs.  Ruin his credit.  Prank his phone.  Drown out his voice, hopefully forever.

Finally, a big shout out to all the women and girls who are part of the community.  Most of us guy geeks want you here.  We *like* girls who can point out errors in our code.  The community, indeed the software itself, is better and more interesting with you involved in it.  Kudos for speaking up about this asshole and sticking in there.



4 Responses to “Misogyny online”

  1. MikeeUSA Says:

    Hey Jonny, If ever I get hit by banking or identity fraud I’ll know who to point at (you).


  2. MikeeUSA Says:

    You suggest identity theft or banking fraud, so I assume that’s what you’d use. What will you hit me with?

    • johnnycocaine Says:

      Nothing so mundane as violence. You’ll just have to wait and see. BTW, you’re welcome to comment on this thread since it’s about you, but please don’t insult others who visit my blog.

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